Piraeus port authority

This would give archaeologists greater power to monitor construction projects and determine building designs in order to preserve archaeological finds. Both sides are waiting for the culture minister, Myrsini Zorba, to announce whether she has accepted the proposal in full, in part, or not at all.

Depending on what happens, Greece could find itself in a diplomatic dispute with its largest foreign investor at a time when the country is in desperate need of foreign investment. Digging almost anywhere in Greece will turn up traces of the past: from prehistory, the Classical Age, the Hellenistic and Roman eras, Byzantium and the Ottoman Turkish occupation. This caused delays and added costs, but significant finds were incorporated into stations and important artifacts went to museums, providing the city and its visitors with a richer understanding of the past.

Piraeus, a barren peninsula, was established by the Athenians as their major port for trade and warships in the middle of the fifth century B. They fortified it and built walls linking it with Athens, just a few miles away. Its planning reflected its fortunes. The Macedonian occupation in the fourth century B. In 86 B. Four of the most magnificent bronze statues that have survived from ancient Greece — most likely buried to hide them from the Romans — were discovered in central Piraeus in by workers for the local water and sewage company.

In fact, contracts for major projects provide a strict framework, with construction firms paying for excavations. So what would be the point in declaring so much of Piraeus an archaeological site? But this was never in question. Greek cities will hold mayoral elections on Sunday. But the prime minister is a convert to this position. The Chinese company, which has run a container terminal there for nearly 10 years, says its investments have already generated jobs for more than 3, people and, indirectly, for another 10, It allows Syriza to tell its voters that it fights big interests, even as it signs deals with them.

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Registered in England and Wales. Number David Glass Oct 01, Related: Greece aims to build on Chinese cooperation in Piraeus port. Most recently some EUR4m was spent on restoring to full operation two floating docks. In addition a third floating dock with 80, tons capacity was purchased in China through an international public tender and brought to Greece and put into service in and since has served some 80 ships.

This dock gave the zone the ability to dock large coastal ferries and panama size ships which previously were using shipyards in Turkey or other Med countries. Indeed, the first stage of its investment plan has resulted in the PPA lifting repair business considerably. In all, the ships repaired in the zone rose from in to just under in Despite the challenge of the Covid—19 pandemic the PPA says the volume of work is increasing with ships expected to be docked this year, almost double the number.

Further the PPA is able to point to the benefits it has brought to the local highly skilled private ship repair companies and workshops.

All rights reserved. Photo: Pixabay. Cosco determined to revitalise ship repair in Piraeus port David Glass Oct 01, Hide comments. More information about text formats. Text format Comments Plain text. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.

Piraeus Port Authority

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Leave this field blank. Drydocks World steel cutting ceremony. Load More.In a statement, PPA said it had decided to invest in digitisation to improve operations at its car terminal and its status as a hub for international vehicle trade.

Customers, suppliers, third party logistics providers 3PL and customs authorities will be able to track via a web portal where and when a car has been delivered. Additionally, the algorithms of this system are capable of optimizing the operational processes in the compounds through real-time decisions and advanced planning. Consequently, this system gives PPA the advantage of improving its offered services and the flexibility of planning new business processes. The system will allow PPA to more effectively use available resources and to continuously improve their processes.

Furthermore, it will allow PPA to increase their capacity to operate their car terminal. Located close to the centre of Athens, the Port of Piraeus occupies a geostrategic position for the eastern Mediterranean region.

It is also considered an important transit hub for trade between Europe and Asia. Share on twitter Twitter. Share on facebook Facebook. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Share on email Email. Latest Journal. Next-Generation Terminal Technology.

View Sample. Tweets by PortTechnology.This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. Number David Glass May 11, It is a win-win case… We must move forward based on the plan. Related: Piraeus Port Authority enjoys another good year. The issue is particularly sensitive for a considerable number of businesses in the sector, which see such a prospect as a potential threat.

Among the projects under way is the repair of Container Terminal 1: The tender process has just been completed and the contractor is about to be announced. All rights reserved. Powered by an extensive database of maritime professionals and businesses.

Coronavirus - Everything you need to know brought to you by. Hide comments. More information about text formats. Text format Comments Plain text. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Leave this field blank. Start Searching. Yang Ming Marine opens jv depot in Port Klang. Secondhand container prices surge on Asian box shortage. Load More.Piraeus is located within the Athens urban area[2] 8 kilometres 5 miles southwest from its city centre municipality of Athensand lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf.

According to the census, Piraeus had a population ofpeople within its administrative limits, making it the fifth largest municipality in Greece [3] and the second largest within the urban area of the Greek capital, following the municipality of Athens. Piraeus has a long recorded history, dating to ancient Greece.

piraeus port authority

The city was founded in the early 5th century BC, when this area was selected to become the new port of classical Athens and was built as a prototype harbour, concentrating all the import and transit trade of Athens. Consequently, it became the chief harbour of ancient Greece, but declined gradually after the 3rd century B.

In the modern era, Piraeus is a large city, bustling with activity and an integral part of Athens, acting as home to the country's biggest harbour and bearing all the characteristics of a huge marine and commercial-industrial center. The port of Piraeus is the chief port in Greece, the largest passenger port in Europe [4] [5] and the second largest in the world, [6] servicing about 20 million passengers annually.

With a throughput of 1. The University of Piraeus is one of the largest Greek universities and has the country's second-oldest business school, as well as the oldest academic department in the area of finance. Piraeus, which roughly means 'the place over the passage', has been inhabited since the 26th century BC. Consequently, it was called the Halipedon, meaning the ' salt field ', and its muddy soil made it a tricky passage. Through the centuries, the area was increasingly silted and flooding ceased, and thus by early classical times the land passage was made safe.

In ancient GreecePiraeus assumed its importance with its three deep water harbours, the main port of Cantharus and the two smaller of Zea and Munichia, and gradually replaced the older and shallow Phaleron harbourwhich gradually fell into disuse.

In the late 6th century BC, the area caught attention due to its advantages. According to the ancient Greek historian Thucydides[10] in BC, Themistocles initiated the fortification works in Piraeus and later advised the Athenians to take advantage of its natural harbours' strategic potential instead of using the sandy bay of Phaleron. From then on Piraeus was permanently used as the navy base.

After the second Persian invasion of GreeceThemistocles fortified the three harbours of Piraeus and created the neosoikoi ship houses ; the Themistoclean Walls were completed in BC, turning Piraeus into a great military and commercial harbour.

Port of Piraeus

The city's fortification was further reinforced later by the construction of the Long Walls under Cimon and Pericleswith which secure port's Piraeus route to Athens main city.

Meanwhile, Piraeus was rebuilt to the famous grid plan of architect Hippodamus of Miletusknown as the Hippodamian plan, and the main agora of the city was named after him in honour.

As a result, Piraeus flourished and became a port of high security and great commercial activity, and a city bustling with life. During the Peloponnesian WarPiraeus suffered its first setback.

piraeus port authority

In the second year of the war, the first cases of the Athens plague were recorded in Piraeus. Piraeus would follow the fate of Athens and was to bear the brunt of the Spartans' rage, as the city's walls and the Long Walls were torn down; the Athenian fleet surrendered to the victors and some of the triremes burnt, while the neosoikoi were also pulled down.

piraeus port authority

As a result, the tattered and unfortified port city was not able to compete with prosperous Rhodeswhich controlled commerce. In BC, Munichia was seized by Thrasybulus and the exiles from Phyle[11] in the battle of Munichiawhere the Phyleans defeated the Thirty Tyrants of Athens, but in the following battle of Piraeus the exiles were defeated by Spartan forces.

After the reinstatement of democracyConon rebuilt the walls in BC, founded the temple of Aphrodite Euploia and the sanctuary of Zeus Sotiros and Athenaand built the famous Skeuotheke arsenal of Philon, the ruins of which have been discovered at Zea harbour. Piraeus was led to a long period of decline which lasted for fifteen centuries. During the Byzantine period the harbour of Piraeus was occasionally used for the Byzantine fleet, but it was very far from the capital city of Constantinople.

In the Middle Ages, the port was usually called by the Venetians the "port of Sithines" that is, of Athens and in the 14th century, the name "Lion" is first attested, after the colossal ancient sculpture of a lion, the Piraeus Lionwhich stood at the harbor's entrance. The Piraeus Lion itself was looted in by Francesco Morosini during his expedition against Athens part of the Morean War and was carried to the Venetian Arsenalwhere it still stands today.

A copy of the lion statue is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus. Under Ottoman rule, especially before the beginning of the Greek War of IndependencePiraeus was mostly deserted, except for the monastery of Saint Spyridon and a customs house, and it was only used occasionally as a commercial port.

Cosco determined to revitalise ship repair in Piraeus port

Although there were numerous land owners, Athenians did not live in the area. There were at least two failed attempts to create a new town, the first in by bringing a population from Hydra and the second during the Greek War of Independence in by the installation of people from Psarabut it was not until that permanent habitation of the area was restarted.

Piraeus at first developed into a small town with few dwellings, far from its glorious past as a prosperous city, with its population consisting largely of fishermen. Migrants, mainly from the Aegean Islandscontinued to arrive. A town plan was also drawn up and approved by King Ottobut not completely fulfilled, as it was revolutionary for its time. The municipality was established inreviving the ancient name "Piraeus".Relevant: Nachrichten von ausgesuchten Quellen, die sich im Speziellen mit diesem Unternehmen befassen.

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China, Greece agree to push ahead with COSCO's Piraeus Port investment

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It is no secret that Greece is a real maritime country, and not only because of its shipowners. Time to take you for a visit! The Port of Piraeus is a port of large sizes. It is the largest passenger port and one of the largest commercial ports in Europe. It has 44 km seawalls, and it serves annually How do you explain this positive result in a period of crisis?

Since lateThe Piraeus Port Authority PPA has updated its strategy as a result of new developments in the operations of the container sector. The concession agreement for the operation of Pier II, together with the eastern part of Pier III, which is under construction, and the opening of Pier I by PPA incoupled with the worsening economic crisis had a significant impact on the financial and administrative operations of the Port Authority.

Untilwhen the abovementioned concession agreement was implemented, PPA was in terms of revenue almost entirely dependent from container handling activities. In addition, the limited capacity of Pier I, the new competitive framework with two providers and the transfer of organisational, operational and human resources to the smaller Pier I, have raised the urgent need for PPA to identify additional sources of revenue and greater diversification of income in order to maintain the profitability in the short and long term.

Inthere was a downturn in ferry passengers passing through EU ports, also in Piraeus. Do you sense a recovery for the coming year? InPiraeus recorded a 2, cruise passenger traffic corresponding to Concerning the ferry connections from the central Port of Piraeus, the passenger traffic to and from the Greek islands reached 7, passengers inrecording a marginal decrease of 1.

We also serve the ferry connection with Salamis Island, which reached 7, passengers in We believe that will be one more very good year. The port of Piraeus is a very polyvalent port, combining different functions and responsibilities, both public and private.

How would you define the role of the Port Authority? How important is the Port Authority for guaranteeing the further growth of the port and the local and regional economy that relies on it?


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