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The Thenot theis the latest and greatest aircraft in the family. Boeing redesigned the wing to increase efficiency while reducing drag, fitted brand new and extremely efficient GENx engines, stretched the fuselage, updated the avionics suite, as well as reworked and optimized countless systems to make the airplane that much more efficient and reliable over her older sister.

In doing so, this aimed to bring it up to, if not exceeding, the standard of their recently released, at the time, Previously, the -8 had just been the regular with a new external model; not this time, though.

While the base package was released back in January ofthe -8 was only just released as of a few weeks ago and said to be nearly a year behind schedule. The -8 is an extremely data-driven airplane, much like theand thus required an extensive rework of the base package in order for the -8 to be an expansion in the first place.

When I say data-driven, I mean data-driven. Along with all the new tech, this adds up to almost a completely new airplane. And in my time thus far with the -8, it really shows. Download and installation is the usual PMDG deal; painless and logical.

Speaking of liveries, there are a lot of them. In my counting, I was able to find just over 40 in total. Many know the tale of how the was sort of a, well, failure in the real world, with only 3 passenger airlines flying them. An Air Force One paint is also available for those looking to recreate those presidential flights out of Andrews, in addition to 2 Boeing house liveries including the Experimental Freighter and the Sunrise livery.

pmdg efb

And what a sight it is. Gone are the scuffs in the leather, the worn down switches and textures that made the truly feel used. PMDG elected to model the aircraft after one of the newest s in service.

Everything just looks pristine. For those unfamiliar with an ECL, essentially it replaces the old school paper checklists for normal procedures, and includes checklists for nearly every dreamable failure or event, taking data directly from the onboard sensors.

I found the cockpit textures to be crisp and sharp, with little highlights for me, personally, being the brand new look throughout the flight deck, a stark contrast to the aged The exterior is no different, with the modelling quality really showing on the gorgeous chevrons of the GEnx engine.

Everything just feels high-end in this department, though I feel that a bit higher resolution external textures would have been a nice addition. The spool up sounds exactly like the real engines from what I was able to gather, and the sounds at TOGA are just as convincing; I know this may sound silly, but the engines as a whole just sound efficient and modern, like they were originally designed to be.

The sounds in the cockpit are just as nice, with some of my favorites being the avionic fans as they first spool up.Moreover, Robert goes on the explain that the implementation of PBR is still underway and further discloses some internal initiatives regarding the prevention of addon related CTD events. Please see below for a complete changelog. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled.Following the initial sneak preview yesterday, PMDG has now released more previews along with detailed explanations! Many of you had a chance to get an early glimpse of what we have coming, but this evening I am here to officially unveil the first official preview of our upcoming release!

For our preview photoshoot this evening, we have our flight test flagship set up at LSZH, preparing for an early evening departure on a gloomy, winter afternoon. My focus tonight is going to be on the flight deck, but a quick glimpse of the Queen herself is always appropriate to start an in-depth expose. We will have a daylight shoot of the exterior here for you soon enough, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on those completely redesigned flaps, fly-by-wire controlled aileron-drooped to enhance control and reduce flutter at low speeds, the raked wing tip, saw-tooth sound suppression on the engine nacelles and the bluing on the exhaust cone, which tells you the engines are still new!

I promise I will come back for more details on the exterior in the weeks ahead- as the product will be rolling into beta testing very shortly and release soon there-after. This product will not only carry with it some new capabilities for all PMDG products, but it brings forward our increasing effort to leverage the new x64bit simulator Prepar3D v4 to further increase the amount of realism we can provide.

As you read through this update, it is important to note here that the is a very different airplane than the While that might seem like an obvious comment, there are a vast number of switch, layout, cockpit and system changes between the two airframes, and we have modeled all of them for you.

Many of them are evident in the sequence of images below:. To start with, it offers a range of performance calculations for the airplane, and can be used to customize your speeds and settings based upon weights, locations, conditions and any inoperable equipment on the airplane that may impact your takeoff or landing performance. The Boeing EFB is a fairly utilitarian device.

pmdg efb

It gives you performance computations, which we have modeled, and it gives you some very limited flight planning capability, as well as some other flight related functions. It will be interesting for simmers primarily in that this device will give the serious simmer reason to think through the things that impact your takeoff and landing.

Runway conditions are usually the first thing to think of, but there are other performance factors to consider as well- and the EFB will walk you through them. We anticipate that it will eventually appear in thethe and the NG3, but it will not happen quickly as the amount of data required for these computations takes a HUGE amount of time to collect and make digestible for the process.

No longer will you need to get lost on the airport surface, as all you need to do is dial in the range on your navigation display and you will find the airport located there, moving in real time with the position of your airplane. I will not move an airplane off the blocks without it. It is THAT important to safety. This took a significant amount of work by Michael Frantzeskakis- so if you see him in person, pat him on the back. The VSD was present in the NGX, and it is a key terrain awareness feature that was built into the by default as well.

This is a great tool to have open when flying arrivals into places such as Anchorage, AK or any other airport surrounded by cumulous-granitus, as it will give you a very clear picture of your relationship with the surrounding terrain. We think you will find this to be an incredibly useful function, with a significant amount of work put into smooth panning, zooming and page changing as needed.

Ever had to divert to someplace while enroute due to a mechanical irregularity? No problem.

About PMDG Simulations LLC

A couple taps on the EFB and you will have all of the approaches available to you for display in either day or night format. We are showing you the night format in this image. Some of you have asked us to bring those effects into the NGX, andbut we have thus far refrained from doing so because of the impact the effect had on performance in the 32bit simulator platforms.

We are VERY careful about performance and we never found a way to make those effects work without aggravating the already tenuous balance between airplane-used-resources and scenery-used-resources. With the advent of Prepar3D v4, however- Vin and Henning decided to re-approach the methods used to create rain effects on the Jetstream and created an entirely new methodology that creates a really nice rain effect, along with many other new capabilities that we are very excited to show.

We originally thought the J41 would release in late summer and showcase this new effect, but product development hit some snags and is still in holding since we moved development resources over to a major massiveā€¦ YUGE, even! We think you will really like it and the fact that it has almost no impact on performance in Prepar3D v4 is an added bonus!

We are unsure about NGX. Rainmaker will remain a Prepare3D v4 feature only- due in large part to our continued concern for OOMs on 32 bit simulator platforms. Just one of many benefits of moving to x64 for the long term- which is where our development resources are really pointed. Rainmaker is just one of a number of things we are working on behind the scenes that will only be available on x64 platforms. You can see these connections in some of the switches and layout decisions around the landing gear and autobrake systems, for example.

You can also see that the offers many more opportunities to configure the broad array of displays around the flight deck.Or browse results titled :. Contact beanccimssouthde. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Fsx pmdg torrent patch, you may also like:.

Bandcamp Album of the Day Apr 6, Wild Herb by Jehst. Bem by Juga-Naut. British rapper Juga-Naut gives listeners deft wordplay and clean, soulful production on his latest album. More clever wordplay and animated delivery from the UK hip-hop upstart, backed by 15 producers across 14 tracks.

Under his new alias, the artists formerly known as milo explores new existential concerns. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 3, Explore music. Included with real and custom sounds for each type of engine. The model is covered with high definition textures, giving an incredibly lifelike appearance to the model, right down to the finest details.

Thanks in advance sciencepilot!! A great add-on for fans of Use at own risk! Not sure about the fsx version as I have bought the v2 for that sim.

[P3DV4] PMDG 747-4/8 v3.00.9008 (OFFICIAL CRACK )

Thanks amaredj31 for your work request the latest Carenado V2. Note crack must be put in before starting sim.Read about the types of EFB on the market, their role and function when used in flight or as part of a commercial operation.

Since iPads first were launched by Apple, private pilots flying piston aircraft have quickly grown to love their navigation apps and services available to install and use in the cockpit. The best apps have replaced bulky paper manuals and allowed pilots to zoom on digital charts and track their progress in flight providing backup to their cockpit instruments.

Operators flying commercial jets and turbo props have adopted mobile devices to help them work more efficiently. An Electronic Flight Bag is an electronic information management device that increases the efficiency of flight crews performance of flight management tasks. An EFB electronically stores and retrieves documents required for flight operations, such as operating manuals, aeronautical charts, airport information, route Information, weather information, the flight log and more.

An EFB can be used during a phases of flying, including during the flight. There are presently 3 classes to consider.

Class 1 Devices are fully portable devices which must be stowed during takeoff, landing, and advisedly during periods of turbulence. They are not connected to the aircraft system in anyway, and as they are not installed into the aircraft they can be removed without any administrative process.

Class 2 devices are unlike Class 1 are connected to the aircraft systems, usually mounted in a position where they can be used during all phases of the flight. Whereas Class 1 and 2 are considered Portable Electronic Devices the last class of EFBs are physically installed into the aircraft and therefore require approval. Type A, relates to pre-composed and static data and does not change during flight.

This data relates to interactive data for example approach charts that require panning, zooming, scrolling or performance calculations during flight. This data relates to the same data that is used in a full MFD Multi-functional display as would be found in a cockpit. Of course we would recommend RocketRoute but it is important that the reader considering an EFB makes the best choice for their needs. Both of these devices fall under classification 1 meaning that there is no administrative process or installation required when using them.

Added software can complete certain calculations, previously completed by hand, reducing the volume of paperwork and removing a lot of the margin of human error. The software allows accurate takeoff and landing calculations, optimizing fuel consumption and expanding the useful life of aircraft engines.

Onboard calculations can also be completed, improving onboard safety and the efficiency of flying. EFBs optimize the exchange of information, enabling Pilots to access the latest operational data straight from the cockpit.

The information is fast to send, meaning that flight reports can be sent quickly and efficiently allowing any issues to be addressed much faster than if relying on paperwork being completed and filed.

Storing of all of this necessary flight information in electronic form rids the Pilot and cockpit of hard copies of the documents. The breadth of information that can be stored on an EFB is impressive. Provide version control and confirmation of installation. This is particularly useful when documents change month to month.The first electronic flight bag for iOS has arrived!

Featuring the most advanced and feature-packed air traffic map for virtual online traffic on iOS, EFB delivers an ultimate experience comparable to real-world EFBs. The EFB includes other amazing features like a gorgeous world traffic map with detailed routes of online traffic, interactive normal and non-normal procedures and checklists, chart and document viewer user-uploadedand much more!

View virtual online traffic and ATC around the world using the built-in world traffic map. Tapping on any aircraft will reveal the flight's details as well as the option to see the aircraft's exact route using Navigraph data. Tapping on an air traffic controller displays the frequency on which the controller is broadcasting - so no more scrambling to find frequencies while flying online!

You can add any aircraft as a friend to always be aware of when they're online. New in version 2. For every airport in the Navigraph database installed, you can now view all the Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures without ever opening a chart!

You can keep up to date with AIRAC cycles by purchasing the latest cycle from Navigraph and entering the access code within the app to unlock the current cycle. Simply open the non-normal procedures menu and navigate your way through the simple menu titles to find the right checklists to complete. All checklists normal and non-normal are completely interactive, letting you, the pilot, keep track of what to do next. Reading through the thousand-paged FCOM manuals has never been as exciting as it is now on the iPad's gorgeous display!

pmdg efb

App Store Preview. Description The first electronic flight bag for iOS has arrived! Dec 20, Version 2. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPad.


Languages English. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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